Audubon International

Vero Beach Country Club is Audubon Certified and adheres to a continuous and rigorous program of environmental planning, wildlife and habitat management, and water conservation.

The Club has an Audubon Committee that sponsors activities throughout the year. Several times a year there are bird walks, where participants count species and consider the possible resulting impact on our community's environment. The Committee also hosts an annual golf/dinner/auction fund raising event to support the Club's Audubon program and raise awareness. If you are interested in learning more about the Committee's activities, or in becoming a Committee member, just stop by the reception desk in the main lobby.

VBCC is Going Green

From the Vero Beach News Weekly " Lagoon Study Led Council To Protect Waterway":

"We're seeing good results using right amounts of all natural, bio-green fertilizers," said Wright [Shane Write, the Club's Golf Course Superintendent], whose crew collects grass clippings after the course is mowed, sending them to an outside lab that determines what nutrients are deficient in the soil. Wright and his crew only use liquid fertilizer "because it gets taken up by the plants or washed into the soil," he said. He and his crew also avoid application when the weather forecast calls for rain. In addition to fine tuning the recipe for lawn maintenance which Wright insists costs no more than conventional approaches, aquatic vegetation was added to the course's lakes to help filter drainage water of contaminants. Levels of nitrogen found in the Indian River Lagoon have the highest concentrations near highly populated areas with one exception, the Vero Beach County Club, which has been monitoring its use of fertilizers and grass clippings.